Charlette Sinclair

Charlette Sinclair - Co-founder and CEO

Charlette Sinclair has dedicated her career to helping lawyers maximize settlement value for their legitimately injured clients. Her background isn’t traditional - while working as a paralegal for mass volume law firms she realized the ineffectiveness of the traditional, narrative-style demand letter. She then learned about the Colossus bodily injury claim software and other claims evaluation software from leading insurance software expert Aaron DeShaw, who taught her “there is an art to advocacy, but a science to settlement.” As she continued to develop her knowledge of the insurance industry evaluation process, she had the privilege of learning more from former insurance adjusters and insurance claim process experts who provided great insight, and embarked on a mission to help change the way law firms prepare and present their cases to insurance companies.

Since 2010, Charlette has studied the demand letter process, analyzed cases, consulted with law firm on their settlement practices, and written demand letters.  For the past 14 years she has refined a series of demand letter methods that trigger the bodily injury software systems, and traditional evaluation methods that insurers use to evaluate bodily injury claims. She was the Director and then owner of demand letter consulting company, Auto Claim Experts from 2010 to 2020.  Often referred to as a law firm’s "secret weapon," she led a team of doctors, nurses and paralegals who helped law firms outsource demand package preparation, treatment chronologies, etc. She has consulted directly with law firms, training lawyers and their staff on the use of her proprietary demand letter formats as a tool to achieve higher settlement offers for their clients. She often is called in to consult with firms who are consistently getting “low ball” offers for their cases in order to turn around their claim values and improve their settlement practice.

She has lectured nationally on the demand letter process for many legal organizations including Trial Guides, Mass Torts Made Perfect, 360 Advocacy, state trial lawyer associations, and more.

Charlette also gained experience working with a variety of different law firms as a visual media consultant for High Impact - training at their headquarters in Denver, and collaborating with their team of medical illustrators, animators, and medical specialists. While training in legal visual exhibits, she acquired niche skills in advanced visual claim presentation methods, that allows her to better serve lawyers during the demand submission process, in ADR, and during trial.

Aside from serving the Plaintiff’s bar, Charlette also spent the past several years assisting corporate counsel managing commercial contracts and legal operations for Fortune 100 companies with cutting edge legal automation, and more recently OliveAI, a leading Healthcare AI company equipping hospitals and health care providers with industry-leading artificial intelligence. OliveAI's cutting edge use of AI gained it a market valuation of $4 billion during her time at the company as one of its early employees.

Charlette's passion for legal technology and ways to improve the case handling process led her to develop new Software as a Service (SaaS) to help personal injury lawyers achieve maximum settlement value without hiring a consultant. In 2020, Sinclair co-founded Settlement Intelligence, next generation legal automation including AI Demand Letter SaaS that instantly generates demand letters in the same proprietary format that she has provided to her clients for so many years.

Charlette is a pioneer in AI legal automation having already addressed the use of AI in the corporate contract, health care, and personal injury areas of law.  She is a strong leader in the AI personal injury field and understands the personal injury legal field very well, unlike others who come to the field from accounting or technology backgrounds.  

Settlement Intelligence founders Sinclair and DeShaw have developed a comprehensive plan for a broad development of AI demand letters and legal AI as it relates to the personal injury fields for Settlement Intelligence. Demand letters is only the beginning of the company's goal of positively impacting personal injury law.

To learn more about CEO Charlette Sinclair's expertise and experience within the legal field, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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