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Settlement Intelligence helps you generate demand letters to maximize auto and premises liability settlement offers. Use best practices to automate tasks and free up legal support staff resources.

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"I obtained a $1,000,000 policy limit offer using Settlement Intelligence. I now use Settlement Intelligence on all pre-litigation cases, which frees up time for my support staff and I to gather evidence and better prepare our client’s cases." - Georgia Lawyer (Starter Plan Licensee)

"I obtained two policy limits offers on one client's case totaling $275,000 using Settlement Intelligence. I use the Settlement Intelligence method on every case." - Oregon Lawyer (Enterprise Licensee)

"[Settlement Intelligence is] incredible. I need to organize my entire office work flow around it. My partner is already fantasizing about how we can upgrade to the $20k a month version. It’s incredible." - West Virginia Lawyer (Starter Plan Licensee, who upgraded to Advanced Plan)

"We tried EvenUp and were very disappointed. Then I heard about another firm's success using Settlement Intelligence at a CLE. We licensed Settlement Intelligence less than a month ago and have sent many demand letters. We received our first offer with one of these demand letters - a $300,000 policy limit offer that arrived quickly after the demand was sent. Very impressed." - Florida Lawyer (Professional Plan Licensee)

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