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Settlement Intelligence

3. Professional Plan

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The Professional Plan serves larger personal injury firms, providing expert guidance on creating demand letters that are optimized for insurance bodily injury software that determines the settlement offers at most auto insurers, some premises liability carriers and some workers compensation companies.  

The Professional Plan includes the following:

1-20 single-user licenses

Unlimited demand letters per month

Three demand letter workflows for third party demand letters, providing unique demand letter layout based on the insurer including demand formatting for Colossus, Liability Navigator, and ClaimIQ.  These three programs determine settlement value in over 90% of all auto injury claims in the US, as well as a high percentage of auto claims in Europe.

Three unique demand letter workflows for first-party Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist demand letters, providing unique demand letter layout based on the insurer. This includes demand letter formatting uniquely addressing the factors and screen layout for Colossus, Liability Navigator, and ClaimIQ.  Again, these three programs determine settlement value in over 90% of all auto injury claims in the US, as well as a high percentage of auto claims in Europe.

Customized platform with your firm colors and logo.

The Settlement Intelligence Demand Letter platform, allows you to enter information into the program, and the program will create a specially formatted demand letter as a Word document.  From there you complete any final points and send the letter.  If you or the staff member have all necessary information you can generate an optimized demand letter in 20-30 minutes for basic cases.  The Professional Plan enables you to create demand letters for very complex injury cases in the optimal way, although these will take longer as you enter data known to generate greater value in the insurance software systems.  Only in the Professional and Enterprise plans do you get access to additional workflows including one intended to get claims out of the insurer's "minor impact" claims unit.

Security and Confidentiality: Settlement Intelligence is 100% cloud based so that you or a staff members can work remotely. Data is secured on AWS which operates market-leading physical security at its data centers, and is ISO27001 certified.  All data input into the Settlement Intelligence platform by you (or a staff member) is owned by you, and is not shared with others, nor is client identification viewable by Settlement Intelligence. 

If a mistake is made, you can go back and correct the incorrect entry.  If you are unable to complete a demand letter, you can come back to the project at a later time.

Cost for the Professional Plan is $5,000 / month, and will be billed on a monthly basis.

Custom Programming: For additional programming fees you can pay for integration with leading client management platorms Litify (via Salesforce), FileVine or Clio, as well as integrations with Slack, Google Drive, EverSign, and Dropbox.  

Private Consulting: The Professional Plan does allow for private consulting on your demand letter with a specialist who can help point out ways to improve the demand letter.  This consulting requires an hourly consulting fee, that will vary depending upon the consultant's experience and education.  The private consulting option is only available in the Professional Plan and Enterprise Plan, and not available in the Starter Plan or Advanced Plan.

This Professional Plan does not have the high end features or customized features found in the Enterprise plans.  

Significant future developments are planned for the Professional Plan and Enterprise Plans, which will only be made available to licensees of these plans.