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Settlement Intelligence

4. Enterprise Plan

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The Enterprise Plan is our plan for higher volume personal injury firms, leveraging AI and significant expertise in insurance claims software, insurance claim practices, medicine, traumatic injuries and AI to create best in class demand letters. 

Why license Settlement Intelligence:

We have the leading expertise in the United States on insurance bodily injury software.  Settlement Intelligence is based on the pioneering work of Doctor / Lawyer Aaron DeShaw, who wrote the only legal treatise on insurance claims software.  While he is almost always cited on the Colossus issue, Settlement Intelligence is the only authorized user of his information and methodology.  Using his process of demand letters specifically formatted for the bodily injury software systems used by the insurers, we have created an AI based demand letter program that formats your client's information in a way that results in demand letter where all information of value is provided in the order it is needed by the adjustor. Settlement Intelligence walks you through the steps to collect the information and then the demand letter is generated for you. But, the Enterprise plan adds much more value - generated narratives based upon the client's injuries.

Our goal is to create substantially higher offers, and reduce workload for you and your staff.  This allows you to increasing the number of cases you can accept with the same amount of staff.  For law firms with a higher number of cases, the ability to accept more cases and achieve better outcomes for the clients will fuel an increase in marketshare and the potential for expansion.  

The Enterprise Plan serves larger personal injury firms, providing expert guidance on creating demand letters that are optimized for insurance bodily injury software that determines the settlement offers in more than 90% of all auto claims. The demand letter format created by Settlement Intelligence can be used in most types of personal injury claims including premises liability, trucking, workers compensation and more.

The Enterprise Plan includes the following:

  • 1-25 user licenses

  • Unlimited demand letters per month

  • Three demand letter workflows for third-party demand letters, providing unique demand letter layout based on the insurer including demand formatting for Colossus, Liability Navigator, and ClaimIQ.  These three programs determine settlement value in over 90% of all auto injury claims in the US, as well as a high percentage of auto claims in Europe.

  • Optimized demand letter workflows for first-party Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist demand letters, providing unique demand letter layout based on the selected insurer's claim software. This includes demand letter formatting uniquely addressing the factors and screen layout for Colossus, Liability Navigator, and ClaimIQ.  Again, these three programs determine settlement value in over 90% of all auto injury claims in the US, as well as a high percentage of auto claims in Canada, Europe and Australia.

  • Together this means you will have first party and third party demand formats that are uniquely optimized for all of the major U.S. auto insurers, and most of the premises liability insurers as well as most major Third Party Administrators. This level of specialization based upon the insurer's bodily injury claim software is only available to law firms licensing Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Plans.

The Settlement Intelligence Demand Letter platform, allows you to enter information into the program, and the program will create a specially formatted demand letter as a Word document.  From there you complete any final points and send the letter to the insurer.  If the attorney or legal staff member have all necessary information you can generate an optimized demand letter in 20-30 minutes for basic injury cases.  The Enterprise Plan enables you to create demand letters for very complex injury cases in the optimal way, although these will take longer as you enter information known to generate greater value in the insurance software systems. 

If a mistake is made, you can go back and correct the incorrect entry.  If you are unable to complete a demand letter, you can come back to the project at a later time.

The Enterprise plan is significantly much more sophisticated than Starter, Advanced and Professional.  At launch, Enterprise includes unique features such as the following:

  • Customization of the program interface for your law firm;

  • Integration with Slack, Google Drive, EverSign, and Dropbox; and

  • Custom Programming: The option for API integration with a cloud-based client management system.  For additional custom programming fees of $185 / hour, you can pay for integration with leading legal client management systems such as Litify, FileVine, Clio, NuLaw, Smokeball, or others as well as integrations with Slack, Google Drive, EverSign, and Dropbox.

Private Consulting: 

The Enterprise Plan allows for private consulting on your demand letter with a specialist who can help point out ways to improve the demand letter and claim value.  Our history with demand letter consulting goes back to 2002 and involves thousands of claims in the past 20+ years. 

This consulting requires an additional hourly consulting fee that will vary depending upon the consultant's experience and education.  The private consulting option is only available in the Enterprise Plan and Unlimited Plans, and not available in the Starter Plan Advanced Plan or Professional Plan.  These consultants are available on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to Enterprise and Unlimited customers.

Ongoing and future developments of the Enterprise Plan include:

  • Narrative text generation based upon selected injuries. When an injury is known to require a narrative explanation to maximize claim value, the Enterprise system will insert effective text for you.  (Additional changes can be made by lawyers or legal staff once the Word document is generated);
  • Additional workflows including one intended to get claims out of the insurer's "minor impact" claims unit.

Enterprise Plan Price:

A one year license is required to access Settlement Intelligence.  The minimum charge is $120,000 per year. This charge can be paid as a single annual payment or divided into 12 payments of $10,000 per month. Customers who pay monthly agree to twelve monthly payments on the minimum annual charge. A customer may not license Settlement Intelligence for any period less than twelve months, and by purchasing access to any plan, you acknowledge you are contractually required to pay for one year of access to the platform.   Your annual subscription charge will be set up once user number and average demand runs per month are determined, along with any additional customization or features.

Security and Confidentiality: 

Settlement Intelligence is 100% cloud based so that you and your staff members can work remotely from home or at any office location. Data is secured on Amazon Web Services, which operates market-leading physical security at its data centers (also used by the U.S. Department of Defense and other agencies requiring highly confidential cybersecurity), and is ISO27001 certified. 

To learn more, schedule a demo of Enterprise Plan.