Consulting Services Agreement

Contract for Legal Consulting Services

I, _______________________________, (name) am an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of ___________, doing business at ______________________________________________(address). By completing these fields, I am agreeing to all of the following terms:

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, I hereby engage Settlement Intelligence, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Contractor”) as an independent contractor to perform the services set forth herein, and the Contractor hereby accepts such engagement with their signature below. It is further understood by both parties that Settlement Intelligence, Inc. (the Contractor) is not an employee, and therefore will not be provided fringe benefits, health insurance, or any other employee benefits.

CONFIDENTIALITY: I authorize the release of my complete intake, medical billings, medical records and all other documentation that I choose pertaining to each of my clients’ cases that I submit to the Contractor for review and consultation, and expect that all agents, staff, and independent contractors of the Contractor, if any, follow HIPAA regulations for confidentiality. As a trusted consultant to my firm, I understand that the Contractor will uphold the strict confidentiality of these files.

ATTORNEY WORK PRODUCT PRIVILEGE:  I understand that I am employing the Contractor as a non-testifying consultant on my client’s case, that attorney work product privilege extends to all communications and work product exchanged between my firm and the Contractor, and that no agent of the Contractor will testify on any legal case. 

LIABILITY: I agree to hold the Contractor harmless from any legal assertions or claims made on behalf of any party. I further understand that I am fully responsible for the legal handling of my cases, and that the Contractor will be held harmless for any malpractice or any other type of claim or legal action arising from any claim made by the client against my law firm or myself. I understand that all work product generated by the Contractor is dependent upon accurate medical records and billings. If misleading, or fraudulent medical records or billings are submitted, I indemnify the Contractor from any and all legal consequences flowing from the company’s involvement in any legal or insurance claim. I further hold The Contractor harmless should any medical condition or other factor be overlooked in the evaluation of any case submitted for assessment.  I agree that this contract indemnifies the Contractor and her agents from any action filed on behalf of my client(s), and will indemnify The Contractor from any damages that may arise from such legal action.

PROPRIETARY FORMAT & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS:  I understand that the concepts, designs, techniques and demand letter formatting used by the Contractor is proprietary and has been developed through substantial efforts and research into the field of insurance claims evaluation and software. I understand that by copying or distributing the formats, templates, forms or other technical documentation used, created and/or provided by The Contractor during her consultation to any other party would result in damages to the Contractor. As a result, I agree not to copy, or use the format and technique I’m taught in any way outside of the cases or clients I represent for my private legal practice. All opinions expressed by the Contractor are her own and should not be reproduced in any form without her permission. All trade secret, articles and information shared by the Contractor is subject to copyright.   

MONETARY DEMAND:  I understand that the Contractor is neither practicing law, nor medicine. No work product of the Contractor should be construed as being a legal or medical opinion or advice. The services the Contractor provides is intended to make me aware of factors concerning my client’s claim that could potentially increase or decrease insurance settlement offers, based on their knowledge of insurance claims evaluation and their review of my submitted file.  I understand that recommendations do not establish the standard of care for practicing law, but instead are intended to represent “best practices” in the claims environment without regard to cost or risk.  I understand that The Contractor will simply provide data mining and formatted demand letter service that summarizes the current client records for my use in creating my final demand package to the receiving party. I understand that it is my responsibility to complete the demand letter and make the appropriate monetary demand. I understand that the Contractor and her agents will not provide me with a suggested monetary demand, nor will they tell me the monetary value of any claim, as claim value varies depending upon a large number of factors, including but not limited to: the lawyer’s skills and reputation, the jurisdiction, the constitution of a specific jury, and other widely variable factors.

ESTIMATES:  I understand that the Contractor will make reasonable efforts to ensure that its agents produce an accurate and time efficient assessment and delivery of work product. I understand that all estimates provided by the Contractor, including but not limited to cost estimates and date of completion are not guaranteed, and should not be used to make any promises or guarantees to my client(s).  I understand that larger (numerous providers and damages), more complex cases typically take more time to complete, and I am responsible for all charges arising from each case analysis at the applicable hourly rate.

PAYMENT:  I understand that the service provided by the Contractor will be paid for in full by digital invoice from PayPal before I receive my assessment, demand report, and other work product from the Contractor. I understand that the Contractor has a 4-hour minimum for demand letter services. I understand that my invoices will be sent electronically to the email that I specify below.  I understand that all personal information provided in this regard be kept confidential, and that my hourly rate should not be discussed with other lawyers.  I understand that while the Contractor’s services are intended to increase the settlement outcome and decrease the demand response time, this is not a guarantee. I understand that no refunds will be granted for services rendered.

I agree to the following fee schedule, and am aware of the charges that will be incurred:

  • $180/hour – for case analysis at regular speed process (within 5 business days)
  • $250/hour – for case analysis at “rush” speed process*

*Rush speed process entails a 24-48-hour turnaround on files of 200 pages or less, 72-hours on files 200-400 pages, and 3-5 days on files 400 pages or more as agreed upon prior to commencing work.

  • $80/hour – Administrative, special offer, and/or special referral rate*

 *Administrative rate valid only when accompanied by email invitation or authorization: ________

Rates are subject to change each year, starting January 1.  In the event of a change in rates, the Contractor will notify you prior to undertaking work under the new fee schedule.  I agree that if the above fee schedule differs from other publicized rates (excluding special offers), we will use the rates specified on the website.

Either party can terminate this contract in writing at will, at any time.


Signature of Attorney: ______________________________________________

Date: ______________________


Print Name: ______________________________________________________

State/Bar#: ______________________


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