Visual Aids in the Demand Letter

Incorporating visual aids within your personal injury demand letter has proven to significantly increase initial settlement offers and maximize claim value. 

Settlement Intelligence's exclusive partnership with High Impact allows you to efficiently and cost effectively include visual aids in your AI Demand Letter, without interrupting your workflow. As soon as the Settlement Intelligence AI Demand Letter Workflow receives data for a demonstrable injury, pain management procedure or surgery, it will trigger a recommendation for the visual aid.

Below is our exclusive membership pricing.*


Color Diagnostics

The most common and highly effective visual aid for the demand letter simply requires DICOM files from the imaging films your office may have already received when obtaining your client's medical records in preparation for the demand package. High Impact's Color Diagnostics® use your client's actual radiographic images to create clear, concise color-enhanced exhibits of your client's injuries. Just send us the films, and High Impact's degreed medical illustrators work with in-house radiologists to accurately and dramatically present the magnitude of your client's injuries. The images are delivered ready to insert into the demand letter in high resolution JPEG format. 

Color Diagnostics help you show the adjuster or opposing party the full extent of spinal injuries such as disc herniation, disc bulge, and tears seen on MRIs, as well as spinal cord injuries like compression fractures revealed on CT scans. If your client had an X-ray showing a fractured skull or broken wrist, including a Color Diagnostic image within the demand letter could prove the difference between a $750,000 offer and a $1,000,0000 policy limits offer.  If annular tear is the sole diagnoses in an otherwise non-demonstrable soft tissue injury claim, it could mean $10,000 vs $100,000. Perhaps your client had surgery that included hardware; send us the films from pre-operation and post-op imaging to show the dramatic changes within the demand letter. 




Medical Illustration

When your client's demonstrable injury or surgical procedure is complex and or includes anatomy that is difficult to explain with words, what better way to show the value of your client's claim than with medical illustration? High Impact's medical illustrations drive home the graphic reality of any personal injury while simplifying complex issues and surgical procedures relevant to your case.

Rather than get stuck in negotiations trying to explain a complex injury or surgical procedure to an adjuster, show the story with the help of High Impact's degreed medical illustrators. Anytime a Settlement Intelligence user enters information regarding an injury, pain management procedure, or surgery that is known to trigger higher offers with visual aids, the user is directed to a recommendation to order the medical illustration, allowing for seamless insertion of the high resolution JPEG once the demand letter draft is complete. 




*Membership Exclusive Pricing*

Exhibit Cost*
Color Diagnostic (1 view) $430
Medical Illustration (1)  $430
Color Diagnostic (1 view) + Medical Illustration (1) $860
Medical Illustration of Surgical Procedure (4-6 steps)  $1290

*Pricing available exclusively to Settlement Intelligence subscribers via our AI Demand Letter and this website. Please contact Settlement Intelligence directly for questions regarding this offer. 



Often referred to as 'invisible' or 'silent' injuries, concussion and post-concussion syndrome or mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) don't always present on imaging. If your case involves a diagnosed injury that can't be shown with color diagnostics or medical illustration, or maybe it requires further explanation or scientific authority, infographics in the demand letter could be your key to maximum settlement value. 


Download High Impact Graphics Instantly from Trial Guides

When you need a visual aid for the demand letter, deposition, mediation, settlement conference, or other legal procedure but your case doesn't permit any additional time for customization, we can still help. Trial Guides offers other select graphics from High Impact to instantly download in high resolution JPEG format. Click here to access the High Impact Graphics Collection from Trial Guides. This offer is not exclusive to Settlement Intelligence subscribers and available to all plaintiff personal injury lawyers from the Trial Guides website

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