Customer Success Story - $275,000 Policy Limit Offer

The Settlement Intelligence platform is built upon two decades of demand letter success.  While the co-founders have provided case consulting and demand letter services since 2002, with a rich history of great outcomes in the tens of millions of dollars, today we are sharing outcomes from lawyers using the Settlement Intelligence platform without direct consulting.  

One of the recent successes is a $275,000 outcome for a lawyer in Oregon who licenses the Settlement Intelligence Enterprise Plan.  The case involved a client rear-ended in a motor vehicle case.  Despite Oregon having the seventh lowest claim outcomes in the United States according to Insurance Research Council studies, the lawyer obtained a $25,000 third party policy limit, and then the $250,000 Underinsured Motorist limit using Settlement Intelligence. 

Since the Professional Plan and Enterprise Plan can distinguish demand letter formats based upon the insurer to maximize claim value, the demand letters for the third party case with Progressive Insurance was laid out differently (a short clear policy limits demand letter) than the first party UIM demand letter for Liberty Mutual (which was 19 pages long) including traumatic brain injury text and Post-Traumatic Visual Disorders text generated by Settlement Intelligence's AI demand letter platform, including scientific journal citations in the generated footnotes.

Settlement Intelligence is the only AI demand letter platform based upon the bodily injury software used by insurance companies such as Colossus, Liability Navigator, ClaimIQ, Guidewire and more.  Your subscription also gives you free access to our proprietary claim forms that help you obtain information from your client that are known value drivers in the computer systems used by insurer to determine settlement values in your cases.

If you want to improve the outcomes of your cases and obtain more policy limits offers, choose the best license for your law firm.