Customer Success Story - $300,000 Policy Limit in Florida

The Settlement Intelligence platform is built upon over 20 years of demand letter expertise.  While the co-founders have provided case consulting and demand letter services since 2002, with a rich history of great outcomes in the tens of millions of dollars, today we are sharing an outcome from a new law firm that just recently licensed the Professional Plan of the Settlement Intelligence AI Demand Letter platform without consulting.  

This particular firm is run by an intelligent and enterprising younger lawyer who is innovating and perfecting the way his firm handles claims. 

Interestingly, this law firm had previously tested EvenUp's medical timeline-style AI demand letter and were very disappointed by the demand letter and the settlement offer resulting from it.  (For more on why this happens, see here.)  After sitting in a CLE and listening to a co-founder of EvenUp speak, another Settlement Intelligence licensee from West Virginia lectured about his firm's incredible success with Settlement Intelligence, including getting a significant offer on a case after the case had not achieved an offer in five years prior to the Settlement Intelligence demand letter. The fact our demand letter had resurrected and helped settle a claim that was sitting without an offer for five years was enough to pique this Florida lawyer's interest.

After learning about Settlement Intelligence, and becoming aware of the significant differences in our platform as a result of our two decades of expertise in demand letters, the firm purchased a $60,000 annual license for the Professional Plan.  With the law firm already in two states and expanding into three more, the firm owner wanted to make sure every person in their pre-litigation department had access to Settlement Intelligence and that they could run unlimited numbers of demand letters on the platform each month. After running their first demand letter, the managing partner sent us feedback - "[We've] discovered untapped potential." This is not unusual as our demand letter methods have improved outcomes for law firms for over 20 years. In some cases, lawyers on the verge of failure have achieved  career changing improvements in their legal practice. Great things are in store for this firm, who were already successful before licensing Settlement Intelligence.

This Florida based law firm has since generated many demand letters in its first month.  The first outcome was just reported - a $300,000 policy limit offer that arrived quickly after the demand was sent.  The managing partner is surprised by the difference in his outcome with Settlement Intelligence as compared to his bad outcome using EvenUp. It isn't a surprise to us.  Our demand letter is based on the software used by the insurer and uses AI to modify the information sought from the law firm based upon the insurer and the software used by that insurer.  Our demand letters seek information from lawyers and legal staff that will feed the adjuster the information they need, rather than providing a medical timeline that doesn't address much of what the insurance software requires to create claim value. 

This Florida lawyer's report on the outcome with Settlement Intelligence says it all - "$300k policy limits offer back within 1 month of subscribing."

Since the Professional Plan and Enterprise Plan can differentiate demand letter formats based upon the insurer to maximize claim value, the demand letter format was specific to the insurer involved in the case.  With these advanced plans, we use different terms based upon the software being used to evaluate the claim, and seek different information that we know feeds each system.  Our present system uses AI to distinguish between demand letter layouts, while our competitors use generative AI to do things that can actually hurt your settlement offers or your professional reputation.

There is another benefit for this firm to licensing the Professional Plan - it provides the ability for the firm to connect Settlement Intelligence to its Client Management System.  This firm has chosen NuLaw as the firm's client management system.  Given our prior experience connecting to Salesforce, connecting Settlement Intelligence to NuLaw, Litify or Salesforce directly can be accomplished.  This firm is integrating Settlement Intelligence with NuLaw to pull data from the firm's client management system into Settlement Intelligence to reduce the firm's data entry by a few minutes on each demand letter.

Settlement Intelligence is the first and only AI demand letter platform based upon the bodily injury software used by insurance companies such as Colossus, Liability Navigator, ClaimIQ, Guidewire, and more.  Your subscription also gives you free access to our proprietary claim forms that help you obtain information from your client that are known "value drivers" in the computer systems used by insurers to determine settlement values in your cases. No other system can use our factors in a demand letter system because we own the intellectual property and have a provisional patent on our process.

If you want to improve the outcomes of your cases and obtain more policy limits offers, choose the best license for your law firm.