Settlement Intelligence Announces Partnership with High Impact to Enhance Demand Letters with Visual Aids

Settlement Intelligence is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with High Impact, the industry’s leading visual media studio, to bring our subscribers exclusive access to top-tier demonstrative aids and visual media. Not only does our AI Demand LetterSM generate proprietary demand letters formatted to trigger insurance AI, but soon Settlement Intelligence subscribers will also be equipped with visual aids to insert directly into their demand letters. 

This partnership includes special pricing for Color Diagnostics® as well as certain medical illustrations, crafted by High Impact’s experts, including degreed medical illustrators. Available exclusively to our AI Demand LetterSM users, these new add-ons will be available in our summer/fall update, and they promise to revolutionize the way you prepare your demand packages, enhancing settlement offers and maximizing case value.*

Elevating Demand Letters with Visual Media

In personal injury cases, the demand letter is a critical component of the settlement process. It’s the first formal step in outlining the plaintiff's case to the opposing party, detailing the extent of injuries, medical treatments, and the financial impact on the client. Traditionally, these letters rely heavily on written descriptions and attached medical records. However, our research and data from the past fifteen years has shown that integrating demonstrative aids and visual media can significantly enhance the demand letter’s effectiveness and overall claim value.

Why Visual Media Matters

Visual aids can transform a good demand letter into a compelling, persuasive presentation that captures the attention of adjusters, especially when they’re utilizing claims evaluation software–visuals drive home the severity of your client’s damages. Here’s how:

Clarity and Understanding: Complex medical jargon and descriptions can be difficult for non-medical professionals to understand. Visual aids, such as color-enhanced diagnostic images and medical illustrations, provide clear, intuitive representations of injuries and procedures. This helps adjusters and opposing counsel grasp the full extent of the harm and its implications.

Statistically Higher Impact: Including data points for all value drivers within the demand letter is crucial to securing maximum settlement offers. That said, here are some other statistics to consider when preparing your demand package. Presentations with visual aids are 43% more persuasive. (source) More specifically, color increases' readers attention spans and recall by 82%. (source

Memorable Evidence: Visual aids are not only easier to understand but also more memorable. Including compelling visuals in your demand letters can help ensure that the key aspects of your case remain at the forefront of negotiations, increasing the likelihood of a favorable settlement. And, if the claim goes to litigation, the visual asset can be used to persuade any audiencewhether it be at mediation, arbitration or trial. 

Exclusive Access and Special Pricing

Thanks to our partnership with High Impact, Settlement Intelligence subscribers will have exclusive access to high-quality visual aids at special rates. This will include:

Color Diagnostics®: High Impact’s experts can transform standard imaging films into vibrant, color-enhanced images that highlight critical injury details. Color Diagnostics make radiographic scans more recognizable, and understandable.

Medical Illustrations: High Impact’s team of degreed medical illustrators can create precise, detailed illustrations of surgical procedures and injuries, and even normal anatomy for comparison. These illustrations are invaluable in explaining the medical complexities of a case in a straightforward, visual format that resonates with clients, adjusters and jurors alike.


How to Integrate Visual Media Into Demand Letters

Integrating these visual aids into your demand letters is easy with the Settlement Intelligence AI Demand Letter.SM Whenever our software recognizes demonstrable injuries, it will give the user the option to see examples of visual aids from our exclusive HIgh Impact vault, related to that injury for instant download with exclusive pricing. These visual aids can dramatically increase the demand letter’s effectiveness. Here are a few tips on incorporating visual aids in your demand letters:

Collect All Necessary Evidence: When requesting medical records and bills from providers in preparation for the demand letter, don’t forget to also request all radiology reports and corresponding DICOM files for the imaging. Oftentimes the radiology department will require a separate HIPAA request for that information. Stay ahead of those requests to ensure you have the proper evidence to include the visual aid when it comes time for the demand letter. 

Embed Visuals Within the Text: Instead of simply attaching visual aids as ‘exhibits’ at the end of the letter, integrate them within the body of the text. Refer to the visuals as you describe the injuries and treatments, guiding the reader through the visual evidence as they read.

Explain the Visuals: Provide clear explanations for each visual aid. Our Professional subscribers get injury descriptions and scientific research article citations automatically generated in the demand letters, but for our Starter subscribers, be sure to describe what the reader is looking at, why it is significant, and how it supports your case. This helps ensure that the reader fully understands the relevance and importance of each visual.

Reference Expert Reports: Reinforce the injury with all diagnostic data points required by claims evaluation software, including the physician diagnosing the injury, the corresponding ICD code, as well as the first and last date the injury is noted. Then, when describing the injury that you’re demonstrating with a visual aid, reference the op note, specialist findings, radiology report or other notes that describe the color diagnostic or medical illustration. 

Look for This Add-On in Our Fall Update

Settlement Intelligence is committed to providing our customers with the best tools and resources to succeed, using our patent-pending, cutting-edge legal technology. Our partnership with High Impact is another significant step in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of demand letters. Look for these new visual aid options in our upcoming summer/fall update.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to leverage these powerful new tools to maximize your settlement offers. For more information, visit *Please note: these particular visual aids are not available directly from High Impact. Please contact Settlement Intelligence directly for more information regarding this exciting new feature of our legal SaaS. 

Article by Settlement Intelligence CEO, Charlette Sinclair