Settlement Intelligence Optimizes Demand Letters with Upgrades to Starter and Advanced Plans

Settlement Intelligence Optimizes Demand Letters with Upgrades to Starter and Advanced Plans

New Settlement Intelligence Update Uses AI to Optimize Auto Injury Demand Letters for solo lawyers and small personal injury law firms

The Settlement Intelligence AI Demand Letter platform is proud to announce its fifth free update of 2023.  This new release improves upon the Starter and Advanced Plans for solo and small personal injury law firms.

Nearly 100% of the auto claims in the United States generate their settlement offers using computer software. Settlement Intelligence uses AI to create demand letters customized to trigger the insurance companies’ evaluation software. Our unique methods draw upon decades of expertise in insurance claim software and personal injury demand letters. Rather than use an ineffective demand letter template, the demand letters generated by Settlement Intelligence direct the insurer to the information necessary to trigger higher settlement offers from insurance claim programs.

Settlement Intelligence was founded with over 30 years of industry leading research into Colossus, Liability Navigator (formerly Claim Outcome Advisor) and ClaimIQ (formerly InjuryIQ).  Each of our plans utilize that knowledge to create optimized demand letters and enhance settlement negotiations, enabling legal professionals to make informed decisions and achieve maximum settlement value for their cases.  

In the past year, the experts at Settlement Intelligence have obtained significant new information on the bodily injury claim evaluation software being used by insurers to generate settlement offers.

As a result of this new discovery obtained and reviewed by our team, as well as information learned from customers submitting case outcomes, Settlement Intelligence has updated our Starter and Advanced plans with important new features that help activate the top value drivers, including:

  • Updated Prognosis Categorization
  • Pre-existing and Prior Infirm Condition Formatting
  • Forms to Collect Important Value Drivers Now Available on the Dashboard
  • Additional Considerations for Wage Loss, Diminished Earning Capacity and Permanent Impairment Claims

Aside from these recent upgrades, the Settlement Intelligence AI Demand Letter platform offers all its customers exclusive access to educational content, expert consultation, forms to maximize efficiency, and regular updates to our products that provide your law firm invaluable resources throughout the lifecycle of a personal injury claim, pre-litigation and beyond.

Settlement Intelligence has made five major updates so far in 2023, improving our customer outcomes based upon new information and user feedback.  These upgrades occur in the cloud and require no updates to your law firm’s devices. We look forward to continuing our tradition of delivering next generation legal automation without added fees or hassle. 

If you have a solo or small law firm, you should consider the Starter or Advanced tier licenses.  If you have a mid-sized to large personal injury firm that wants to increase settlement outcomes by leveraging industry leading research on insurance claim software, license Settlement Intelligence Professional or Enterprise plans today.