AI personal injury demand letter

Using AI to Optimize Demand Letters for Different Insurers

New Settlement Intelligence Update Uses AI to Optimize Demand Letters Based on the Auto Insurer

The Settlement Intelligence AI Demand Letter platform continues to evolve with regular updates and developments to improve personal injury outcomes for its law firm customers. Today we are excited to announce important upgrades to the Professional and Enterprise Plans.

This new release allows our Professional and Enterprise customers to generate demand letters specifically tailored to trigger the auto insurer involved in the claim. Our proprietary demand letter formats are based upon decades of research, with important changes and additions reflecting recent discovery uncovered by our experts.

Nearly 100% of the auto claims in the United States are being evaluated using computer software that generates settlement offers. Settlement Intelligence uses AI to create demand letters based upon the evaluation software used by the insurer.

Our method is unique and draws upon decades of expertise in insurance claim software and demand letters. Rather than use an ineffective demand letter template, the demand letters generated by Settlement Intelligence direct the insurer to the information necessary to trigger higher settlement offers from insurance AI.

Settlement Intelligence was founded with over 30 years of industry leading research into the three programs used by most major auto insurers - Colossus, Liability Navigator (formerly Claim Outcome Advisor) and ClaimIQ (formerly InjuryIQ).  Each of our plans utilize that knowledge to create optimized demand letters and enhance settlement negotiations, enabling legal professionals to make informed decisions and achieve maximum settlement value for their cases.  

Since the launch of our platform, Settlement Intelligence has offered Professional and Enterprise plans with unique features above and beyond our Starter AI Demand Letter workflow. One of the additional features of the Professional and Enterprise plans is that the workflows seeks specific information required by the insurer, and output demand letters formatted to strategically outline the information sought by the insurer involved in the case. This allows adjusters to quickly confirm the value drivers, enter them into their evaluation software, and relay the settlement offer faster.

The Settlement Intelligence team has spent much of 2023 reviewing new documents uncovered by our experts to create new demand letter processes tailored to various insurers, especially those using Liability Navigator and ClaimIQ. These include some of the largest auto insurers in the United States.  Using this new information, we have published upgraded versions of the Professional and Enterprise workflows that help law firms:

  • Identify and collect additional “value drivers” for claims with these insurers
  • Use the distinct language of the program used by the insurer you select
  • Create demand letters specifically catered to each of the major auto insurers  

This means that if you create a demand letter with Settlement Intelligence for State Farm, Allstate and Liberty Mutual, the data collection and demand format will be different based upon our optimizations.

This change also helps lawyers and paralegals handling premises liability and workers compensation cases as well, as Liability Navigator is often used for evaluating those types of cases.

Settlement Intelligence has made four major updates so far in 2023, improving our customer outcomes based upon new information and user feedback.  These upgrades occur in the cloud and require no updates to your law firm’s computers. We look forward to continuing our tradition of delivering next generation legal automation without added fees or hassle, into the new year and beyond.

If you have a mid-sized to large personal injury firm that wants to increase settlement outcomes by leveraging industry leading research on insurance claim software, license Settlement Intelligence Professional or Enterprise plans today. 

If you need to discuss how Settlement Intelligence can improve your settlement offers, please schedule a demo.